First and foremost, thanks be to God for His grace, mercy and love, and for bringing us to salvation through His Son. He is the giver of all good gifts, and we gratefully acknowledge that apart from Him, our music and our CDs could never have come into existence. We thank Him also for blessing us with each other, and with such fantastic and talented family and friends.


Toda raba, Abba, for the songs, and for all manner of provision. Our heart's desire is to "magnify the Name of Yeshua in all of the earth." We pray You are blessed by this humble work. And thanks for letting it be so much FUN!! Now, about those friends... Oy, where to begin? Top of the list: Dave & Goldie Winn, for encouraging and supporting us from the very beginning. Your love and unfailing confidence in the anointing on this project bolstered us through the tough times. Dave, thank you for allowing us to benefit from your years of professional experience, for playing the most awesome bass parts, for your creative input in arranging the songs, and for being patient as we worked things out. (Can you believe all those nights and Saturdays at the studio are finally OVER? But we'll sure miss 'em! Not to mention the pizza!) Goldie, for singing, and for "letting Dave come out and play", sometimes 3 - 4 times a week, to see this project through. Ray C. Williams (Rayferd, baby!) for all the creative input and great talks on those long drives to the studio, and for lending your amazing gifts and professional experience to this project. Sammy Rosario-Torres (Samito), for your invaluable input in the creative process, for dragging yourself out of your nice warm house all those evenings and Saturdays, for blessing us with your incredible ability to play just the right thing, and for putting up with my attempts to learn Spanish. Mark Shapiro, for teaching your little sister to play the guitar and being my first collaborator in writing songs; for going out and buying the right recorder to play, working so hard to score the part and play it beautifully, and blessing us with your beautiful voice and your willing heart. Nephew Dan Shapiro, for taking time out of your outrageously busy college schedule to compose, score, and play those incredible trumpet parts! Son Teddy Batyi, for singing with me all those years on various praise teams, working on this album, and being one of my very best friends in the whole wide world. Dave Schonauer, for being so much more than just the most incredible engineer this world has ever known; for being fun, for being a friend, and for pitching in to play, sing, and help arrange wherever we needed you. And speaking of incredible engineers, yo, Michael Garrett, for being a friend, for schlepping all that recording equipment out to Beth Emanuel to do the very first tracks for this recording, and for letting us borrow your "birds". Marian Gans, for your labor of love in composing, scoring, and playing the harp parts with such passion, and for your faithful prayer support and words of encouragement. Bobby Auerbach, for jumping in, when you didn't even know us yet, to play those amazing sax and flute parts. Denny Cortes, Joaquin Miranda, and Raul & Rita Rodriguez, for giving us that unmistakably authentic Spanish sound on "My Soul"; y muchas gracias to the ladies who added their voices of praise to that song as well: Lourdes Barracano, Blanca Martir, Dawn Vorndran, and Farrah Walker. And finally, Rabbi Jeff & Vixie Friedman for your love and encouragement, for being godly examples (and "real" people), and for showing us what it means to trust God and walk more closely with Him. Bless your hearts!


My heartfelt thanks also go to these precious people: my wonderful husband Brad for helping me to receive the love of God by giving me his own unconditional love; Mildred Batchelor (Mom) for her loving support and contribution to this work; my son Ted Batyi for being the best son a mom could ask for, and singing too; my big brother Mark Shapiro for being instrumental (no pun intended) in instilling in me the love of music, and for contributing, along with his wife Chris Shapiro, encouragement, love, prayers, and musical talents to this project; Pastor Jon Swenson ("the Rev"), for living a life full of love for all peoples, and lovingly encouraging me to pursue the healing of my heart toward my own people; Rabbi Jeff & Vixie Friedman for loving us, teaching us, and showing us by their own lives what it means to be Messianic believers; Michael Garrett (hey, Ernest!), for being the most incredible Producer / Engineer on the planet, for putting up with us for the two years it took to pull this project together, for bringing things out of these songs that I never knew were there, for playing all those different instruments, for making the process fun, and for never letting me settle for less than my best (maybe you can get some sleep now?); Debbie Garrett for being so gracious and supportive about the whole thing (and for waking Michael up and putting him to bed when he fell asleep at the console); Bob Garrett for pointing me in the right direction in my search for the Perfect recording studio, and for playing the bass like no one else can (love those slides); Samuel Rosario-Torres (Sh'muel, Sammy, Sameleh) for being mi querido hermano, and for playing those fabulous piano parts and that magnificent shofar; all of the other wonderful people who lent their time and talents to this project: David Barto, Steve Bruck, Mark Johnson, Bill Van Note, and Ray Williams for being willing to use your gifts to bless this project; Curt & Cindy Brown, and Henry Farkas, for years and years of friendship, love, and encouragement, and for letting me use those wonderful guitars; all the beloved brothers and sisters on the CD Project Update List, for your patient, tireless encouragement and prayers; and last but not least, all the people from the "good old days" at Cornwells UMC (you know who you are) for being there for me through the foundational years of my walk. Oh yes, and my cat, Muffins, for purring just when I needed it most.